Instant Reaction

The way our culture and media has evolved, most people expect every one to have an opinion or reaction about every thing. I disagree.

To me, any one who knows their definitive position or claims to have all the answers immediately is usually full of shit. Personally, I like to think about things, listen to others, get other opinions, do research, think more, see if any new evidence pops up, and then I’ll form an opinion, assuming the topic is something I’m even qualified or capable of knowing enough about to do so.

For instance, when the Mets named Terry Collins to be their new manager, I got calls and e-mails asking me to react. React to what? The guy hadn’t even officially been announced as manager, nor had he put on a uniform to manage a game, and I’m supposed to have a judgement on his tenor at the wheel. That’s ridiculous.

So, I said, I’ll need to see how the GM builds the roster, which will take time, then see how Collins leads that team, which will take even more time. Then and only then will I have enough evidence to judge his actions and the hiring as a whole. This bothers people. I don’t care. This is who I am, and I bring that curiosity and humility to, and use it to create content that most likely resonates with people reading, since, as fellow fans, they probably have the same curiosity and questions that I do.


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